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The Community Care Connections, Attendant Care Service Coordination Program provides service coordination for adults with
disabilities who receive or wish to receive attendant care services. The Attendant Care Service Coordination Program assists
individuals in developing and Individual Service Plan that outlines what personal care and housekeeping services they need to
remain in their homes and communities. They will connect with local providers who provide the needed direct personal care and
housekeeping services outlined in those Individual Service Plans. They will also secure assistive technology, adaptive equipment
or home modifications as they are needed.

Attendant Care Service coordinators also serve as liaisons between the individual and their provider of direct care services,
ensuring that services are provided at the frequency, duration, and quality outlined in that individual’s service plan.  They reassess
individuals to ensure that their services are redesigned to meet changes in their health or living arrangements.

The Attendant Care Service Coordination Program is funded through the DPW Office of Long Term Living.  Services are provided
to individuals residing in Butler, Venango, Armstrong, Mercer, Clarion, upper Allegheny, Beaver and Lawrence Counties.  Services
are provided free of charge to income- eligible adults, and on a sliding fee scale for others.

For more information about the Attendant Care Service Coordination Program, contact Program Director Eileen Gordon at
724-283-3198 Ext. 229.
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Attendant Care Service Coordination Program
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