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Butler County We Belong
Beginning in October of 2016 and continuing through March of 2018, Community Care Connections, Inc. will host a
group of individuals made up of professionals, business leaders, individuals with disabilities and their families as a
Community of Practice (CoP). Now called, Butler County We Belong, the purpose of the CoP is to:
share ideas and resources about what it is like to live and work in Butler County for individuals with disabilities,
identify barriers that hinder that participation,
engage the community by influencing their perception of the rights of all people to live fully and have meaningful
employment in the community
Supported by a grant from the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council, members of the CoP will be advocating
to create change in how many perceive disability in our county.
What we will be doing…
To begin movement toward an understanding that all individuals belong in our community and can hold meaningful jobs,
we will
address disability prejudice using the Stigma Project
identify strengths and the weaknesses in our area for individuals with disabilities
introduce the LifeCourse Toolkit, available at Supporting Families with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities
create a database of volunteer opportunities, leisure-time activities and employment opportunities that are
meaningful, fully integrated, and truly desired by people with disabilities.
promote the acceptance of people with disabilities by conducting four community activities that bring together
people of all abilities
Expected outcomes for the project…
Upon the conclusion of this project we will have
established a community of practice to understand and expand our knowledge about living and working in Butler
County with a disability and to advocate for the presumption of competence
developed a database of volunteer, leisure-time and employment opportunities that are meaningful, fully
integrated, and truly desired by people with disabilities so that the tendency to default to 'what has always been
done,' is reduced
Brought together people of all abilities in activities that were accessible to everyone
How you can become a part of We Belong…
If you are a professional, business leader, faith leader, individual with a disability and or a family member of an individual
with a disability, you can be a part of this project by:
participating in our Community of Practice (Butler County We Belong),
participating in community activities,
sharing this information with others you believe would be interested in knowing more about the project
Would you like more information? Contact Brenda Cole of Community Care Connections, Inc., at 724-283-3198, Ext. 243.
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