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value each person as a unique worth while individual who is an important member of their family and community.
respect the right of individuals and their families to decide what support services they need and how those services should be
expect our staff to provide support services in a compassionate, respectful manner that recognizes and honors individual choices
act with integrity and communicate honestly with everyone whose lives we touch.
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Our Mission...

The Mission of Community Care Connections, Inc. is to provide programs and services that empower children and adults with
disabilities to live more safely and independently in their homes, schools, neighborhoods and communities.
Our Vision...

The Vision of Community Care Connections, Inc. is to strive to provide the most innovative support services, personalized
advocacy and dynamic leadership that enable persons with disabilities and their families to navigate an ever-changing service
delivery system and build support systems that meet their diverse needs.
Our Values...

At Community Care Connections, Inc. we:

Community Care Connections, Inc.
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Butler, PA  16001-8762

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Pat Brennen, Executive Director