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Occupational Therapy, or OT, is the therapeutic use of self-care, play and work activities to increase independence, enhance
development, and prevent disability using your child’s fine motor skills.

Occupational Therapists are licensed and trained to perform basic techniques and methods of treatment including, Nuero-
Developmental Treatment (NDT), Sensory Integration (SI), and adaptive technology (equipment).

OT focuses on three main performance areas of the infant/toddler:

Self-care: Daily living skills including feeding, grooming, hygiene, dressing and functional mobility.

Play: Motivating activities for spontaneous enjoyment.

Work: Learning through play activities to enhance sensory and motor abilities for developmental skills.

We will provide assistance during mealtimes with utensil use, drinking skills, and tolerance of different types and textures of food.

We  provide sensory integration techniques for children who have difficulties with touch, movement, sight, sound, taste and smell.

Our Occupational Therapists:

Molly Cupler
Amy Ulewicz
Occupational Therapy
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