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Physical Therapy or PT focuses on your child’s gross motor skills. These are larger muscle movements which are used to help
you get around and get in and out of positions and remain in positions. Our Physical Therapists work on strengthening, endurance,
balance, coordination and flexibility. They specialize in movement, posture and gait analysis. They also manage tone and assess
the need for bracing, positioning equipment, and walking aid.

Our Physical Therapists have a Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy. They are trained to treat a wide
variety of diagnoses and have extensive training in Nuero-Developmental Therapy, aquatics and motor control, massage and soft
issue mobilization. They use a variety of techniques to help your child gain strength, movement, coordination, balance and flexibility.

If your child is between the ages of birth to three years and you feel that he/she is not moving around like other kids their age, PT
may be appropriate. Gross motor skills build on each other and children learn skills quickly during the first few years of life.

Our Physical Therapists:

Jillian Vogus
Rebecca Cramer
Kristen Hahn
Physical Therapy
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