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Speech Pathology
Speech Language Pathologists (SLP’s) are certified through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).
ASHA certified SLP’s hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence or “CCC.” The “CCC’s” indicate that SLP’s have the knowledge
and experience necessary to provide you and your child with valuable skills to enhance his/her ability to understand and use

Our SLP’s are responsible for providing ideas and techniques to your family on how to increase communication skills. They focus
on both receptive and expressive language. Receptive skills are those that pertain to what a person knows or understands. By
using books, toys and people, our SLP’s work with your family to promote learning of what things are and how things work.
Together, you will work on identifying colors, shapes, sizes, puzzles and labeling of common objects. Expressive skills are those
that pertain to what is said or expressed, including vocalizations and verbalizations.

Our SLP’s are trained in sign language and infant massage and will utilize toys and items in your child’s environment to encourage
the use of language.
Speech Therapy is appropriate for your child if your child is between the ages of birth to three years and you feel that he/she is not
developing language/communication skills like same aged peers.

Our Speech Pathologists:

Melissa Murray
Jolene Fielder
Kendra Bortmas
Amy Thompson
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